IRON BUZZ InteractionAnywhere

Easy Platform-Independent Access to All Your Customer Interactions

If you’re decommissioning your legacy recording platform, you’ll need to keep the voice interactions you’ve stock-piled over the years with the least maintenance and overhead. Those recordings may reside in your current (and soon-to-be decommissioned) recording platform, or may be archived in …

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Re-platforming Contact Center Interactions

Your contact center solution captures millions of voice, text, chat, and social media interactions every day. These interactions represent your customers’ journey and are the life blood of your business. They are essential to business insight analytics and monitoring customer-service quality, monitoring, and in many cases must also be retained for compliance purposes.

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Mobile Recording

Simple. Seamless. Secure. The Iron-Buzz mobile recording solution supports FCA and MiFID II regulation

If you are required to record calls or text messages, you need a solution that’s easy for your people to use and cost-effective to roll out and run.

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CRM Interactions Management

Empower your agents to provide excellent customer service

Iron Buzz prebuilt CRM integrations, such as the Iron Buzz integration for Salesforce, empower your agents to personalize omnichannel customer service.

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Walk-in Center Interaction Recording

Get the most out of your interactions, do not leave any channel untapped

Iron Buzz provides comprehensive professional services for Reveal’s Face-to-Face solution, including CRM, Queue Management Systems, and Recording Platforms integrations. For more information check out Reveal labs.

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